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Ping G30 Driver

Ping G30 Driver

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Brand: Ping
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Ping G30 Driver for Sale

The PING G30 driver improves on the G25 in terms of speed and forgiveness.  The best all-around driver in golf.

The hardest thing about success is following it up, hence the term “sophomore slump.”  Lucky for us, PING knows a few things about backing up success: they’ve delivered a long string of G-series drivers without a miss.  The latest in the line, the G30 driver, makes one of the most radical additions – Turbulators – along with other evolutionary improvements.  All of this adds up to a driver that inherits the title of “best all-around driver” from its predecessor.

Ping G30 Driver Specs

It's easy to get caught up in the buzz over aerodynamics and "turbulators" (those shark fins on the crown designed to smooth out air flow over the clubhead during the swing). But the G30's strength is a highly stable head with a large face. Its shape and internal weighting help off-center hits launch with speed and distance similar to center strikes. Two additional head designs answer the needs of better players (the lower-spinning LS Tec) and slicers (the lighter, heel-weighted SF Tec). They broaden the G30 family, but the lineage of maximum forgiveness is unchanged

The Turbulators are the big story with the PING G30 driver, so we’ll start there.  While I don’t know if it was the Turbulators, the new face material, the counter weighting, or some combination of the three, I do know that my club and ball speeds with the G30 were higher than they’ve been with anything else in a long time.  I was consistently over 150 MPH in ball speed which is far from super human, but I’m much happier being above that line than below it where I’ve been for much of this year.

The G30 also features greater adjustability than any past PING driver.  Golfers now have the ability to add or subtract 1° or 0.6° of loft, which will also open or close the face angle.  This doubles the adjustability of the G25 and should help all players dial in their optimal launch conditions and preferred look.

In addition to more speed and adjustability, the G30 is also more forgiving than the G25.  Because of the new lighter face material that PING is using on the G30, they were able to create a higher MOI which means more stability.  Translation: when you miss the sweet spot, the ball will still go straight.  As someone who lives on the heel of the driver, I was easily able to put this to the test.  I was very pleased to see that when I did hit the heel, the result was not a wild slice, but just a gentle fade that fell just right of the center line.

Ping G30 Driver

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you have my order number but that is all you say you will check but do nothing. parcel force asked me why you wasnt chasing this up as it is in china still. if this golf site is real and not fake why are you not chasing it up or even shipping another club to me instead of asking for my order number and then giving me the tracking number which i already have and you say track it on which i have been since the 25/12/17. just in case you cant find my order number here it is again 2017121566832 and please if you are real and not a scam i dont understand why you are not doing anything for me as you were quick to take my money.
Reply: Hi, thank you for your email. Here we confirm that all of our clubs are brand new, legal and authentic. They are all OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products. You can rest assured about that.
hi there i put on a question to you yesterday and you have not answered me but the question has been removed. so i will ask the question again and hopefully you will answer this time, the question is where is my ping driver as you keep saying it has been shipped on the 25/12/17 and today on the 08/01/18 it has still not got to the uk, i have phoned parcel force and they have checked the tracking number told me if its not here by friday that i am to report you to the fraud department. please answer my question and not delete it as this is the 3rd time now i have mentioned fraud and you have deleted my other 2
Reply: Sorry to hear that. May I have your order number to check please?
hi there my order number for the ping driver is 2017121566832, and like i said i will order the scotty cameron putter when i receive the driver
Reply: Your order has been shipped. Here is the tracking number EV874263482CN. Please track it on
Hi there, im sorry to be a pain but the only reason i am wanting this club is because i want to order the scotty cameron newport putter but i wont order it until i get this driver.
Reply: Did you place an order? If yes, may I have your order number to check please?
hi i know my tracking number i gave it to you when you asked so why did you give it back to me and say track it on parcelforce .com when i have been telling you that it is exactly what i have been doing and it has not moved since the 25/12/17 when you supposedly dispatched it to the uk and it is still saying today that it has not got to the uk it coming by rowing boat or what???????
Reply: Your order has been shipped. Now, when it deliver depends on the shipping company. We will check with them. Hope you can understand and wait patiently.
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