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Ping G30 Irons

Ping G30 Irons

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Brand: Ping
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Ping G30 Irons for Sale

The PING G30 iron gets a makeover in looks while still delivering the forgiveness and performance that have defined this line of irons over the years.  A truly easy-to-hit iron that makes the game more fun.

No one in their right mind has ever accused PING’s G-series irons of being tough to play.  In fact, they’re always some of the most forgiving, most fun-to-hit irons on the market.  But, for those with “refined” (snobby) taste, they can be tough to look at.  Enter the PING G30 irons which retain the forgiveness but offer a more “refined” look at address.

Ping G30 Irons Specs

The G-series iron line has been around for more than a decade, but it gets a fresh update with the G30. The lofts are stronger than the previous G25, and the sole contours and the bounce profiles more closely match the i25 players iron. Why? To prevent digging into the ground and keep it moving on its path through the turf. Also, don't overlook the value of the stock CFS Distance shaft.

Are you sitting down?  The PING G30 iron is really forgiving.  I know that’s shocking news.  Feel free to take a minute.

Jokes aside, the G30 is a great game improvement iron.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to do: takes shots that are hit away from the center of the face and produces results that are nearly indistinguishable from pure strikes.  From the PW to the 4-iron, my dispersion was tighter with the G30 than with my current gamers.  Someone remind me why I don’t game these?  Oh right, a potent mix of vanity and stupidity.

There was one surprising thing that I discovered in my launch monitor testing: the strong trajectory that these irons produce.  One would expect that an iron that gets every shot airborne would also launch shots a mile into the air with uncontrollable spin.  Not so.  The G30 PW hit the exact same peak height as my i25 PW.  When comparing the 4-irons, both launched at the same height, but the G30 spun slightly less despite launching more consistently.  Damn you, PING, you’ve shot another hole in the story I tell about why I don’t play GI irons!

Ping G30 Irons

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Recent Reviews

Hi are the ping g30 brand new or are they used
Reply: They are all brand new, not used.
hi there seem to be some confusion as to what clubs are included in this purchase you are detailing that there are 8 individual irons from your listing i assume these are the irons included.
1. 4 iron
2. 5 iron
3. 6 iron
4, 7 iron
5. 8 iron
6. 9 iron
7. pitching wedge
8. sand wedge
if this is not the case can you detail the exact make up of the set as i have done
thank you
Reply: Thank you for your comment. Our G30 irons come with 4-9WS including 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, W and SW in total 8 clubs. There is no pitching wedge included in this set.
If this is an 8 club set but no pitching wedge, is there a utility wedge?
Also, heard reports of detached weight failures with this club, what is your policy on returns?
Reply: Yes, the G30 Irons come with 4-9WS including 8 clubs in total. There is no Utility wedge included in this set. Sorry for any inconvenience. As for the return policy, you can feel free to find in on our website homepage.
Hey, I would like to get a PW with the set, would that be possible?
Reply: Hi, thank you for your comment. But we are sorry that our G30 Irons come with 4-9WS, there is no PW included in this set.
What clubs does this set come with? There is no pitching wedge but does it include a 4,5,6,7,8,9,SW?
Reply: The g30 irons come with 4-9WS including 8 clubs in total. There is no pitching wedge included in this set.
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