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Make a Choice between G25 and G30 Hybrid

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In order to satisfy world-wide golf players’ demand, Ping has produced it’s updating series-Ping G30 Golf Clubs. And it does satisfy most golf players just like they expected. Compared with the previous Ping G25, the new Ping G30 Golf Clubs for sale seems focus more on the appearance and design. I think that blue plus black should be the most favorite color for most male golf players.

Today, I want to talk about the hybrid instead of driver, woods or irons. PING says its brand new Ping G30 Hybrid for sale provides the golfers with faster ball speeds and longer distance with a higher max shot height to allow players to attack more pins.
Unlike the new ping g30 driver price and fairway woods, there are no 'turbulators' on the crown so it looks a bit like the former ping g25 irons grapite and steel but the flat shiny light grey toprail against the matte grey crown works as decent alignment.
The heel section is also a little higher than before and that helps it sit squarer to the ball. Friendly sized head, so perfect for the higher handicap player. The new blue and grey look to the new ping g30 hybrid specs has great shelf appeal but the blue shaft may be a little off-putting against the dark clubhead to some.
Compared with ping g30 hybrid price, I prefer Ping G25 Hybrid, though it is not so new as G30. PING G25 Hybrid is easy-to-launch and forgiving. This came about when PING determined to increase ball velocity while maintaining and optimizing trajectory – a combination that would give you a lot more distance with rainbow shaped shots.
This combination creates an energy efficient transfer and produces the higher ball speeds that give you more distance and really fit me well. The charcoal, non-glare matte finish looks superb at address adding bags of confidence to a super hit for massive distance.
I do not mean which one is better or worse, I just want to choose what I like better and suit me better. In my opinion, both the Ping G25 hybrid and Ping G30 Hybrid Regular should be put in the 2014 ten of the best hybrids. So, next time, before you purchase the golf clubs, try to measure if they are the proper ones for you or not.

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