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Drivers Which Are Proper for Senior Players

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Choosing the best golf clubs is essential for both new beginners and senior golf players. Today, I want to talk about somethings on choosing the best driver for senior players. With whichever driver you choose, you need to focus on the driver that maximizes your carry for your particular swing speed.

If you choose a driver that is optimized to maximize distance for high swing speeds, chances are the ball will launch too low when you hit it and you will lose a lot of carry distance. For instance, the Titleist 917 D2 Driver is a beast of a driver for golfers with high swing speeds, but it performed well below the pack for golfers with swing speeds of less than a 100 mph.

In addition, if you are a golfer over 50, you need to look at more than the brand to get a driver that will maximize your distance.

One of the most important aspects of selecting the correct driver is picking the best loft. This years top drivers all come in lofts of 8 degrees all the way up to 14 degrees.

If you have a swing speed less than 90 MPH, you shouldn’t be hitting a driver with less than 12 degrees of loft! If your swing speed is less than 80 mph, choose a loft around 14 degrees to maximize your distance. Loft really matters!

If your swing speed is less than 100 MPH, you can maximize your distance by choosing a shaft weight of 50-65 grams. Any heavier than this, and you will be using a lot of excess muscles to get the golf club going. Using additional muscles leads to poor consistency.

You can use a regular shaft if your driver swing speed is above 90 mph, but once it drops below that, you should consider using a senior shaft for accuracy and added distance.

Here we recommend TaylorMade SLDR Driver foe senior ones. Not only was the Taylormade driver the best driver for raw distance, but was also very impressive in the category of shot control and forgiveness. Overall, this may be the best golf driver that has ever been created.

Taylormade blew away the second best competitor by nearly 2%. That may seem small but could add up the difference between hitting a choked down 9 iron and hitting a wedge into the green. That is significant!

Moreover, TaylorMade driver is always the longest driver, which can help you create long distance on golf swing. Keep in mind that you cannot get a long distance from the clubs which do not suit well. The suitable ones are always the best ones! And it is better if they can be adjustable.

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