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Do You Really Know How to Use the Fairway Woods?

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Most people would regard playing fairway woods very easy. They think it is much more easier and less important than hitting drivers. Actually, this is not correct. Fairway woods are also very important just like drivers. So, it is important to know the correct use of fairway woods.

Woods generally fall into two classes, drivers and fairway woods, with a traditional set of clubs including a driver and one or two fairway woods (usually numbered 3 and 5). Many modern sets tend to include hybrid clubs, which combine some of the characteristics of a wood and an iron, to replace the 5 wood and low-lofted irons.

As a matter of fact, fairway woods are designed to be swept with a shallower, or more horizontal, angle of approach than the irons. So the first thing to make sure of is that you have the ball in the correct position in your stance: somewhere near the inside of the forward heel .

Also, you need to work with practice swings only until you can consistently sweep the grass in the location opposite the inside of your forward heel, rather than take a divot or swing above the grass in the air. Get to the point with your practice swings where you can sweep the grass for a noticeable distance rather than at just one small point where the club bounces off the ground.

You can usually see the grass blades move when you sweep through, or you might even leave a path through the grass that you can see after the swings. To accomplish this sweeping it helps a great deal to relax your arms and hands and feel the club swinging more feely rather than tightening up the arms and hands and trying to force the club to move fast.

Once you can do this in practice swings the next step is to stay focused on this sweeping of the grass when you swing through the ball in your shots. Many golfers change their focus at this point to trying to hit the ball instead, and this usually causes a different swing and problems.

The final step of use fairway woods correctly is to stay focused on the sight, sound and feeling of sweeping the grass through the ball and the quality and consistency of your contact with fairway woods should improve.

Now, you know how to use them in a correct way? Next time, you really need to take a read at this article. Never ignore any step of the whole game. Otherwise, you will surely failed in the game.

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