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Senior Golfers Find It Difficult to Keep Head Still

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As we all know, certain golf posture and balance is essential in golf playing. It is the pre-condition for a good golf playing. If you cannot keep your body or head in balance, it will be very difficult for you to hit a good ball. This might be very easy for young golfers, but how about senior golfers?

Yes, it is really a problem for senior golfers to keep the head still. Because seniors are not like young people, they are less powerful or strong to keep body frim. The simple answer is that if your head is moving in your backswing, the bottom of your swing (where the club is at its lowest point) will not be consistent. In other words, you won’t hit the ball flush on a consistent basis and your divot size and length will be inconsistent.

Keeping the head still is golf’s one universal, unarguable fundamental. This will occur if your head is moving horizontally or vertically in your swing. It is very difficult to move in the backswing and move back to the same exact point at impact on a consistent basis.  You can do it, but it takes the amount of practice that a professional puts in to make this work.

A surefire indicator that your head is moving back too much in your backswing is if you hit a lot of “fat” shots on uphill lies. Keeping your head perfectly still is an old stand by that has recently fallen on hard times. You will find in nearly all professional golfers, that the head does move in the backswing. So to be a world renowned ball striker, you do need to move your head and golf instructors will want you to do that.

Actually, this is not difficult only if you are willing to take time to practice. If you have the time to practice hours on end under the watchful eye of a golf coach, you probably don’t have to worry about it. However, since this article focus on golfers over 50 and you are probably over 50 if you are reading this, your body can’t even handle that intense practice time.

Additionally, the cause of your excessive head movement may have more to do with your neck flexibility than simply focusing on keeping the head still since you are seniors and probably over 50 years old.

Finally, never save your time on some fitness exercises. No matter old or young, fitness is necessary to your body health and fitness. And this will probably transfer the power into golf. You will be surprised at your porgress after a certain time of exercises next time you finish a game.