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Are You Ready to Get More Distance?

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We are always talking about speed and distance in golf playing. And we all want to get more distance to do a better golf playing. But things are not always so easy just like saying. We need to do many things before getting longer distance and lower score. But are you ready to do that?

When a golf ball is launched from a ping g30 driver for sale, it follows a trajectory dictated by its speed, launch angle and spin rate. While this is true for all clubs, the discussion properly centers around the driver: With most other Best Price Ping G30 Irons, we're concerned about distance control, while with the driver we usually just want to get as much distance as we can.

So now that we know that dimples and spin are key factors in determining distance along with ball speed and launch angle, how can we optimize these factors to get maximum distance? You can't do anything about the dimples, as these come with the ball you selected, and the shape, number, and size for all balls are very similar.

Next is ball speed. This is also something you have little control of if you are already swinging as efficiently as you can within your physical abilities. So there are only two things left for us to consider: spin and launch angle.

Spin and launch angle are somewhat linked, because to get a higher launch angle you need more loft, which increases spin. Is this bad? Well, yes if you are already getting too much spin but not a high enough launch angle. This increased spin will increase the height of the trajectory and also increase the drag on the ball, slowing it down.

So, firstly, you need to choose a ball that has low spin properties off the ping g25 driver for sale. And then tee the ball a little higher to take advantage of the vertical gear effect by hitting the ball a little above the sweet spot. This gear effect, a vertical cousin of the horizontal effect that causes a draw if you hit the ball towards the toe, allows the club head to twist under the ball, decreasing the spin and also producing a higher launch angle.

In a word, speed is the fatal factor of distance. If you want more speed, you also need to hit the ball higher than usual and try to let it fly into your goal. Very difficult? No, you would not know the interest if you never take an action.

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