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Different Golf Courses Suit Different Golf Players

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Before playing golf, I thought all of the golf course are the same. However, I found that I was wrong. There are plenty of of different golf courses in different areas and countries. And if you are a beginner, you may suit the basic golf course. Different level golf players may play in different golf courses. The golf courses are sometimes connected with the golf clubs you use.

Beginner golfers need simple, affordable golf courses. Though they have not got that in a number of high profile new markets, there are plenty of other countries that have approached golf development in this sustainable, bottom-up fashion. They have built a reasonable number of fairly straightforward, even basic golf facilities, and have, over time, reaped the rewards by developing a substantial cadre of new golfers.

Golfers, like every other species on earth, evolve over time. In the beginning, new golfers have very little ability to differentiate between a good golf course and a bad one. So long as a course is not so difficult that they cannot play it without losing lots of balls, they are generally just happy being on the course. But, as they acquire skills and experience – and in particular, when they start to travel to play golf, and see courses, usually fairly high profile ones, in other countries – they become better judges of what is good and what is not.

When the game becomes a larger part of their lives, golfers begin to appreciate the diversity that exists in golf courses. Travel opens their horizons to the many things that golf can be. And then you go home to your home club, and you start to appreciate what it could be, which in turn sees clubs trying to become better and live up to what their members want.

But mostly, at the moment, the issue is not new courses, it is existing ones trying to improve their facilities to match up to what more savvy golfers want. You can see it all around Europe that the larger scale renovation market is starting to exist, because clubs have realised they need to upgrade what they offer, or they will lose members and visitor income.