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Something More You Should Know on Golf Shafts

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As we all know that shaft is one of the most important part of a complete golf club. Sometimes, when you use a proper shaft, then you would use a proper golf club. So, it is also important to select your proper golf shafts just like to choose the golf clubs. You need to know some more things on how to choose proper shafts before buying a club. Customizing your golf clubs is a very essential step on adjusting your clubs.
Golf shafts have been made with different material over the years. When you see all the different shafts on the market, with variations in such things as material, shape, length, kick point, swing flex and color, you might conclude that club manufacturers have free reign.

The first important aspect you need to know about the shafts is straightness. The shaft shall be straight from the top of the grip to a point not more than 5 inches above the sole, measured from the point where the shaft ceases to be straight along the axis of the bent part of the shaft and the neck and/or socket. The intention of the rule is clear. If you try to make a shaft that isn’t quite straight so as to confer an advantage on the golfer, obviously that’s a violation. If you intend to make a shaft that’s straight but it ends up in the manufacturing process being a couple of microns away.

The second thing you need to know is the bending and twisting properties of the shaft. For instance, it would be perfectly possible to build a composite shaft that is circular in cross-section, yet bends differently in different directions, or twists different amounts clockwise compared to anti-clockwise, and there could be playing benefits to such a shaft. So now shafts don’t have to be circular in cross-section -- theoretically it would be perfectly legal for someone to build a shaft that was square in cross-section, just as long as the shaft doesn’t have any irregular bending or twisting characteristics.

Finally, be aware of the attachment to clubhead. Shaft is just a part of the club. If it cannot be connected with the clubhead correctly, then the club is of no use, so does the shaft. The shaft shall be attached to the clubhead at the heel either directly or through a single plain neck and/or socket. The length from the top of the neck and/or socket to the sole of the club shall not exceed the usual and standard distance.