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Why Golf Slice Happen? How to Avoid It?

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Golf slice is one of the most common golf problems like over-swing. But slice is very different from over-swing. Firstly, we should know what slice is. Generally speaking, if you have a swing that is out-to-inward in trajectory, then this swing would be called a slice. The club face of your Best Price Ping G30 Driver meets the ball more to its side, which creates an abnormal spin. A hook in many cases is simply the opposite, a left-handed hitter with a swing that is in-to-out.

Before we talk about how to avoid or cure a slice, we need to look at somethings backwards. The answer is sideways spin* on the ball. The ball's backspin is leaning or tilted clockwise. Friction is created with the air at its forward moving edge and the ball is pushed to the right. A physicist would have a much more elegant explanation, but suffice it to say that it's just like a curve ball. Yes, we have to admit that the ball slices and it's frustrating.

So, that must mean that the club face is open to the right at impact, or so you'd think. But, since it curves to the right that means that the face is open relative to the direction the club head is traveling at that moment. This means that the ping g25 driver for sale face might not even be open at all relative to the target line, just in relation to the swing path. A primal golf fundamental is perfect here: the ball goes where the club face is looking when the ball departs.

In addition to the club face being open to the swing path it is also quite likely and perhaps more important that the ping g30 hybrid is traveling across the intended target line from outside-to-in (across to the left) through impact, exacerbating the side-spin problem. If you try to hit the ball hard a number of things happen that make it impossible to learn the feeling. Stick with the exercises at a very slow speed, making sure that you understand and have memorized the feeling of squaring the club face through impact. Once this feeling is ingrained speeding it up will be easy, but if you try it too fast too soon.

Finally, you can advance to the longer Best Price Ping G30 Irons, including the driver, once you start to develop some feel. It might even be advisable to start with a partial range of motion instead of a full swing. And remember to keep your hands fairly relaxed throughout the swing. This is the number one ingredient to developing feel. Keep reminding yourself to relax your hands and not squeeze the club to death.

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