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What Is Green Speed in Golf?

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We would always hear something about clubhead speed or ball speed in golf playing. But we seldom hear something about green speed. You may ask what that kind of speed is? Is there anything different with the 2 other speed? The answer is of course. Now that it is called green speed, it is different with the other speed names. The distance in feet, the ball rolls is called the green speed. Many golf players would likely to ignore this kind of speed. Actually, it is also very important in golf playing no matter in swing, driving or putting.

Precisely quantifying and controlling the speed of greens was not part of the game until  laterwhen Eddie Stimpson’s concept was redesigned by Frank Thomas and introduced to the game the following year. At this time mowing and agronomic practices allowed for a certain amount of manipulation of green speeds on best price taylormade m2 driver uk, without detrimentally affecting the health of the green. There became a need to quantify the speed so as to control it as required. Just subjectively describing the speeds as slow or fast was not adequate. For instance while setting the ‘hole locations’ made the comment.

You may have ever heard some golfers talk about the green speed like “The green speed is slower than last year’ or “How fast are they now?”. This exchange forced Frank to accelerate the testing and introduction of the new “Stimpmeter.”Three other devices were designed and drawn up but were all too complex, cumbersome and operator dependent. The simplicity and use of the best price taylormade m2 irons uk to trigger the roll down the “V” groove runway made this device a winner. It was consistent and accurate and instructions as to its use were drawn up with a suggested table of green speeds for everyday and competition play.

But there is a concern that this device would be used as a speedometer with course owners and green committee chairmen trying to break the recommended speed limit of TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons for sale. Fortunately things have settled down and common sense prevails in most cases. Greens are now being slowed down where necessary and where the undulations or slopes call for some restraint. In most cases, however, 10 to11 foot is fast enough for major competition on greens with normal undulation.

So next time in playing golf, pay more attention to the green speed if you cannot find any other causes of short distance. You do not only need to care about the taylormade speedblade irons for sale, the ball speed and also the green speed. Sometimes, finding the right point of cause would also help you improve your game.