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The Most Significant Change in Golf Equipment

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Things are always changing and becoming difference. Some are becoming better. Golf has been part of our lives since we start to play golf. And many other golf things are also coming out to meet players’ demand. It is easy to find new titleist 718 irons for sale, t-shorts, caps, gloves, shoes, golf balls, golf bags every here and there. Different golf brand would launch different golf equipment with different technology.

After the introduction of titanium, the rate increased to 7.5 feet per year. This phenomenon was caused almost entirely by the springlike effect and continued until tour players were taking advantage of it. Another contributing factor to this latest jump in distance is the recently introduced multi-layered ball, now widely accepted on the Tour and in the bags of a number of golfers who wish they were on the Tour.

These changes in equipment performance are probably the most significant ever, if we consider how rapidly they happened. The good news is that ball technology has peaked, and the U.S.G.A. limit on the springlike effect will slow the rate of increase in the average Tour player's driving distance to approximately one or two feet a year. The only significant near-term increases will come from the matching of players' launching conditions to approximate the optimum launching condition for a particular ball design, plus increases in titleist 915 d3 driver for sale head speed.

Even if you thinks that players can gain 15 yards or more with improper drivers, the facts are that even if the U.S.G.A. had no limits on equipment, the laws of physics would prevent that. Even a relatively major infraction of the existing rule on the springlike effect will not deliver more than three or four more yards. Yes, golfers will get stronger and swing the Titleist 915H Hybrid for sale head faster, but we can't restrict this.

The new technology is accurate and will quickly tell if the driver conforms. This is good, but there may be a temptation on the part of an overly aggressive official to use this device as a radar gun, simply because he can. If it is ever decided that we need to police the conformity of a player's titleist ap2 716 irons for sale, we will fracture the integrity of the game and the very thing that separates golf from other athletic activities: in golf, we call infractions on ourselves.

It is an obligation of the manufacturer to provide the player with conforming equipment, but ultimately it is the player's responsibility to confirm this and ensure that any alterations do not violate the rules.In spite of the temptation to check a player's best price titleist ap1 irons because of innuendo, rumor or extraordinary performance, this portable device to determine conformity must never be used for policing.

In my opinion, the device will be available, when introduced, only for the convenience of the player when he or she is in doubt as to the conformity of a new or altered driver. We need to learn to test new things. But it is more important to get proper clubs.