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Try to Deal with Slice in a Correct Way

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As one of the most difficult troubles in golf, slice really bothered lots of golfers especially golf beginners. Many players that slice the ball will try to aim left by opening their stance to keep the ball in the fairway. While this will occasionally keep your ball in play, this actually makes the problem worse because the open stance further promotes an outside-in swing path. Even if you square the best price taylormade m1 driver in this alignment, you will probably pull the ball straight left.

Instead, align your feet so they are parallel to the target line or close your stance slightly by pulling your right foot back a bit. This will help to promote more of an inside-out swing path and reduce the sidespin you're putting on the golf ball.

And nowadays, the slice is probably the most common swing fault among high-handicappers and it's important to understand this particular ball flight. It is a shot that curves left to right for a right-handed best price taylormade m2 driver uk player and right to left for the left-handed players, and it's generally caused by sidespin produced by a combination of an outside-in swing and an open clubface at impact.

There are, however, hundreds, or even thousands, of different swing feels and thoughts that can pertain to the core fundamentals preached in 'The SELFish Four'. Maybe it has to do with your feet, or thighs, or fingers, or toenails, or earlobes, or whatever. There are literally a ton of these thoughts and images that have been used by people over the years to help them strike the best price taylormade m2 irons uk better.

Therefore, what are the correct ways to help you fit your slice ? The first thing you need to do is to keep your back facing the target at the start of the downswing.

What this 'feel' will do is keep your best price taylormade speedblade irons to the inside on the downswing. If you open your shoulders real quick, and NOT have your back face the target, this will throw your TaylorMade AeroBurner Irons for sale to the outside, and lead to an over the top swing, and hence a bad golf shot. This is a problem slicers are notorious for having.

Finally, you need to feel that your hips bump slightly laterally, then begin to turn out of the way. The most important is to keep your back facing the target for a split second longer as you make this initial move with your hips. You should feel that your back resists against your lower body. Try to keep your upper body stays still, your lower body begins firing so that you can achieve a straight but long distance.