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Do You Know How Far You Walked during 18 Holes?

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In a complete golf game, you need to hit 18 holes in total. And during this time, you are not siitting but also need to walk to hit the ball with your Best Price Golf Clubs. But have you ever measured the distance you walked through these holes? Many golfers would calculate the distance simple. However, when you think about it, there is much, much more walking done by the average golfer. Prior to the round, you have things like walking from the carpark to the proshop, wandering through the clubhouse, walking to the practice tee, walking around the putting green, etc.

Once you tee off, the real walking begins. But aside from the Tee-to-Green scorecard length, there are many additional distances you may cover: 18 return trips between your buggy and the tee titleist 917 d2 driver for sale box, and 18 more to/from the greens. Then there are things like walking from the green to the next tee. Or walking from the 9th green to the clubhouse for a coffee or restroom break. And then there is the biggie: what if you or your playing partner(s) lose a ball during the round? Depending on your particular “search pattern”, you may walk back and forth across a 30m stretch of area many times.

So just how much does an average golfer walk in a round?

Note that this was by no means a scientific test. With only a handful of rounds played (using a Low Handicapper, Mid Handicapper and High the statistical results are by no means comprehensive. Also, we only tested on one course, The Eastern Golf Club in Melbourne, which lists a distance of 5711m on the card. Not long by modern standards, but a solid middle-ground distance. The results were astounding.  During a standard 18-hole round of the best price taylormade m2 irons uk each golfer in our test walked around 8.5km. When we added the off-course measurements ( the total was closer to a whopping 9.5km!

The low handicappers, on the other hand, walked basically down the middle of the fairways, but covered more distance circling the greens. On a side note, the app indicated that I burned around 1000 calories during each of my rounds. This is based solely on the walking aspect–according to my height/weight, etc, and changes in elevation of around 150m of climb.

This is based solely on the walking aspect–according to my height/weight, etc, and changes in elevation of around 150m of climb. It does not take into account things like the actual golf swing, practice swings or pushing the buggy. Nor does it account for some of our other strenuous activities like the best price titleist mb 718 irons throwing, swearing and other actions that doubtless burn extra calories.

Knowing how far you should walk through the holes during the game would help you save time on finding the hole and distance. This is useful whenever you have no idea where to start.