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Try to Play Tee Shots Instead of Common Shots

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We can hear many things about tee shots every here and there. Once you play your tee shots well, then you will probaly get better shots. Firstly, what are tee shots? In golf, a tee is normally used for the first stroke of each hole. The area from which this first stroke is hit is in the rules known as the teeing ground. Normally, teeing the ball is allowed only on the first shot of a hole, called the tee shot, and is illegal for any other shot; however, local or seasonal rules may allow or require teeing for other shots as well.

Most golf holes present multiple opportunities, both from the tee and into the green.The key is to identify the optimal spots for your game, your shot shape. Don't get caught up in where your playing partners are hitting the ball with a titleist 915 d3 driver for sale, especially if they can outdrive you or hit that sweet looking draw that you wish you had in your bag.

It is paramount that you know your game. Know your distances with each titleist 917 d2 driver for sale, not career yardages but what you can realistically hit on a regular basis. Also your shot shape, whether that is straight or something that curves.

The range is a great place to get loose and tweak your swing, but always take note of how you're hitting the ball especially if that is during a pre-round warm-up. Nothing beats a little local knowledge; you can probably visualize every inch of fairway at your home course. But what about when the course is less familiar or you've never played it?

You should learn to ask how far out a bunker is or which side of the fairway opens up if your partners have played the golf course. Also, take note of every visual cue whether it is on the scorecard or tee marker. Then you can do your own scouting while you are playing golf with the Titleist 915H Hybrid for sale. Look at the next hole as you're going to your ball and take note of the fairway, hazards and how that sets up to the green.

Most golf players would like to hit the fat part of the fairway. Teeing up on the side of trouble and hitting away from it is basic strategy. But also think about playing your second shot. If the green is open on the right side, for example, think about aiming for the right side of the fairway for a better look with your approach.

Finally, you may be able to hit the ball within a short wedge of the green, but you're left with a tougher downhill or uphill lie. It's better to tee off with a fairway wood or even a set of titleist ap2 716 irons for sale and hit your second shot from a level lie.