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Try to Hit Bunker Shots Like This

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We all want to hit bunker shots because we know that they are very good shots to improve our game other than Best Price Golf Clubs. But it is not easy to hit better bunker shots. How to do it? You want to get very steep with the shot so the leading edge of your wedge digs into the sand and gets under the ball. This may require you to swing slightly harder at the ball as you are taking a lot more sand than you normally would, but you must follow through as you would any other shots from the bunker.

If you want to hit better bunker shots, you have to eschew conventional swing wisdom and do things a little differently. For instance, in a normal swing of the best price taylormade m2 driver uk, usually you shift weight away from the target going back, then toward the target on the downswing. With greenside bunkers, I encourage my students to do neither! If anything, the best advice I can give you for more sand success is to remember to favor your left side through the stroke.

Staying "left" means setting up with some forward shaft lean, your weight mostly over your left leg and through the stroke, keeping it there well into the finish.

What this does is steepen your angle of attack and help you better use the sand to lift the ball, not the best price taylormade m1 driver clubhead. Just remember, when you do this, you have to be aggressive with the hands and accelerate through the sand as best you can.

Allow the body to rotate as it normally does and the hands to release, again, as they normally would. You can see in this sequence of photos that I keep my weight mostly over my left leg through the entire stroke. If you haven't tried this, it may feel strange at first, but you'll quickly see how much more effective the best price taylormade m2 irons uk can be. Also, notice how I made a divot under the ball, not behind it.

Staying left will help prevent you from hitting too far behind the ball into the sand. When you hang back on your right side and try and lift the ball out, you'll run into trouble. But if you stay left, you'll steepen your attack and have a better chance of extracting the ball from the sand.